A Home’s Landscape: How to Make it More Presentable

Your home’s landscape is the first thing that people will see when they come to visit. If you want your guests to have a good impression of your home, start spending a little more time making sure that your yard looks great! It doesn’t take great effort to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden – […]

3 Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump From Your Property

If you have recently removed a dead, diseased, or otherwise unwanted tree from your property, your project is not truly complete until the stumps have been removed as well. Leaving tree stumps behind not only turns your landscape into an unsightly mess, but it can also result in several serious issues that impact the integrity […]

4 Fall Landscaping Tips

Summer is coming to a close, and that means fall is right around the corner. With a new season, comes new landscaping responsibilities. For instance, you should be using fall as the time to prepare for winter and the harsher impact it’ll have on both your yard and your ability to perform landscaping duties. That […]

When Is the Best Time To Seed A New Lawn

Your lawn impacts the overall appearance of your home. From the curb, it may be the first thing people notice when driving by. If you have people over, especially in the summer, your friends and family will have a firsthand experience of your lawn and how you maintain it. Your lawn is impacted by the […]

Is My Tree Dead

Trees are a great addition to any home. They provide shade as well as a variety of foods, flowers, and so much more. Many of us look forward to the months where we get to witness our tree coming back to life by leafing out. Trees can be impacted by the weather, and with an […]

Top Perennials for Your Summer Garden

Summer can be an excellent time to plant a garden, but keeping your flowers happy can be quite a challenge. Oregon homeowners are well aware that the fickle weather in the Pacific Northwest can make it particularly difficult to maintain nice landscaping, especially with a busy lifestyle. Luckily, there are certain flowers beloved by gardeners […]

Summer Lawn Care Checklist

Summer is perfect for swimming, grilling on the deck, or lounging in a hammock, but it is also ideal for completing certain landscape maintenance tasks. Although completing yard work is likely not your favorite way to enjoy the sunshine, it is necessary to keep your property safe for your family, maintain the curb appeal of […]

How to Spot a Hazardous Tree

Oregon homeowners love the beauty and shade that trees provide for our outdoor spaces. Those same trees can pose a danger to our homes and our family. That is why it is important to identify trees that present a risk before they actually cause property damage or physical harm. The following signs indicate a potentially […]

4 Tips for Summer Tree Care

As an Oregon homeowner, you take pride in your landscape and spend the time needed to keep your lawn and flowerbeds healthy and well maintained. Properly caring for the trees on your property is just as important. Spending time during the summer to care for your trees will ensure that they remain happy and healthy. […]

Spring Tree Care Tips

As spring approaches, it’s also time to prepare for tree and garden maintenance. Below is a short list of important tips to help your outdoor living environment flourish. Spring-cleaning. No spring advice is more important than the age-old annual spring-cleaning routine. Raking leaves and debris eliminates the breeding ground for fungal growth. Inspect your trees […]