Planting Trees in the Summer

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As summer approaches, many homeowners will decide to plant trees in their front yard for some extra shade without knowing the proper method of doing so. Trees can be deceptively difficult to plant, so it is imperative that you know how to prepare and how to plant a tree before you actually do it. If you want your tree to grow into a nice, shady arbor by next summer, it is important that you promote healthy growth with specific techniques.

Preparation for Planting Trees for Summer

When it comes to summer trees, the first thing to know is that potted trees are always better to plant due to the higher temperatures that come with the season. No matter what the tree you decide to plant, potted saplings tend to require less maintenance and are more likely to take root. The quicker a tree roots, the sooner it grows into a tall, shady tree.

Tree Maintenance and Upkeep

Be sure to break up the soil you are using before you plant your tree. This oxygenates the soil and lets the roots thrive in the earth. Watering your tree regularly is also a must. Underwatering and overwatering are both surefire ways to kill your tree quickly. Become familiar with how much water your chosen type of tree typically requires, or be sure to check the soil frequently to test how moist it is. Especially with the summer heat, proper watering can make or break your new tree.

Mulch is used for many different kinds of plants to support their growth and it works on trees as well. Mulch helps insulate the tree’s roots against extreme temperature, keeps the soil soft and moist, and gives the roots the proper nutrients to promote growth. Root stimulators can also be used to make sure your tree is growing properly and that the roots are strong.