Tree Trimming and Pruning in Medford

The worst thing you can do to your trees is let them grow wild and free. This might seem ironic, but in contrast to ones in the wilderness, those located on residential and commercial properties require regular care and maintenance to stay healthy and danger-free.

That last point is particularly important, folks, as it doesn’t affect just your trees. Trimming and pruning are performed for more than just design purposes, although Advanced Tree Service does indeed get plenty of project requests for aesthetic shaping.

Are Your Trees One Limb Away From Danger?
For a majority of home and business owners, however, trimming is a required risk reduction job. As you’re probably already aware, your trees could care less about coming into contact with your residential or commercial rooftop, and much less about becoming intertwined with nearby power lines.

You can easily prevent thousands of dollars in potential damage and keep yourself and innocent bystanders out of harm’s way by getting rid of hazardous limbs, including those that have rotted and are barely hanging on.

Having worked in the tree service industry for over decades, the crew at Advanced Tree Service is well aware of how many properties are on the brink of an accident. Go ahead and have a look for yourself.

If it’s been awhile (if ever) since your trees were last trimmed, chances are you’ll notice a few, freely suspended branches up above. All it takes is a sudden gust of wind and/or the inability of the supporting limb to hold the weight for that branch to come crashing down.

Please don’t take these situations lightly, folks. Our crew can have your Medford trees safe and sound in no time.

Give Your Trees the Gift of Life
On the other side of the coin, pruning is important for preventing your trees from being plagued by malnutrition and disease. Congested branches keep wind from flowing freely through the trunk; too much moisture provides a breeding ground for deadly diseases. In addition, limbs with limited access to enough sunlight will not grow to their fullest, thus hindering the tree’s overall structural integrity.

Furthermore and going back to the point about aesthetics, view trimming is an excellent way to give you a better look at Southern Oregon’s stunning landscape (who doesn’t enjoy a great view of the gorgeous Cascades?!).

By combining professional-grade, selective trimming, feathering, and crown reduction, Advanced Tree Service knows how to create that picture perfect landscape you deserve.

For more information about our Medford tree trimming and pruning services, get in touch with one of our team members, today!