Residential Tree Services

Residential Tree Services

Here in beautiful Oregon, trees are an essential part of any neighborhood or personal property’s landscape. If properly cared for, your trees can increase your property values by providing shade, beauty, and fresh air to your landscaping.

Preventive Maintenance
To keep your tree investment thriving for years to come, Advanced Tree Service provides the following residential upkeep services:

● Pruning and Trimming
Proper pruning and trimming drastically reduces the fall hazards posed to your home and other structures by dead or cracked branches. Pruning can also prevent dangerous branches from interfering with power lines or hanging over structures on your property. In addition, pruning not only removes unsightly dead branches, it also allows desirable branches to develop and grow by reducing overgrowth.

● Tree Spraying
Tree spraying addresses problematic fungi, insects, and disease, and prevents their spread to nearby trees. Annual and semi-annual spraying schedules can prevent these issues from beginning.

● Cabling and Bracing
Bracing and cabling are preventive measures that may be able to stabilize problem trees in your yard. Trees experiencing splitting, cracking, or leaning are stabilized by metal cables and braces to prevent damage caused by falling.

● Other Landscaping Maintenance
Trees in your yard may need continued maintenance such as fertilization, mulching, and other landscaping services. Quotes are available upon request.


Sometimes, preventive maintenance is no longer possible, resulting in the need for the complete removal of a tree, fallen limbs, or stumps. Removal provides safety benefits as well as improves the look of your property. Advanced Tree Service provides:

● Stump Grinding
Remove unwanted stumps from your property and reduce the potential for disease, termites, and trip hazards as well as improve the efficiency of your yard work efforts. Stump grinding quickly removes the stump below the surface of the earth – it’s as if it never existed.

● Tree Removal
Diseased, dead, or otherwise hazardous or undesirable trees may be removed quickly and easily from your property. Our team of trained professionals will assess your tree and determine the best mode of removal, and then clear your property of any traces of tree waste, leaving you with a clean, beautiful yard.

● Emergency Removal
Emergencies happen, and not always at the most convenient hour. If a storm has left you with trees blocking the road, impeding power lines, or risking your structures, contact Advanced Tree Service 24/7 for emergency, speedy removal and leave the risk up to us.

Advanced Tree Service has specialized in expert, quality residential tree service you can trust for over 20 years. Call us at (541) 621-9460 or fill out our contact form to request your free estimate.

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Our Tree Services

Trees require regular prunings, not just to keep them beautiful, but also to keep them healthy. Our tree service provides expert tree trimmings designed to help arbors withstand even the worst Southern Oregon weather. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

Fungi, insects, and disease all love the Southern Oregon climate, and of course its trees! Our popular annual and semi-annual tree sprayings are designed to prevent and treat infections of all kinds. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

Humps of stumps and tree roots can easily be ground down to flat planting areas. Front yards or back yards—we have three different size grinders to fit the need. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

Cabling is performed as a preventative safety measure. Trees that are damaged or that have the potential for causing damage by splitting or falling are often cabled to help reduce the risk of further damage. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

Nobody likes to see a tree removed, but sometimes there simply isn’t an alternative. When your trees need to be taken down, our experts can get the job done quickly and safely. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

Keep your trees and landscape beautiful, healthy and vibrant with high, quality dependable maintenance services from Advanced Tree Service & Landscaping. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

When disaster strikes, there is never any time to waste. Trees are often left in bad shape after storms, and they can pose major risks to your property and safety if not addressed as soon as possible. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

Whether you are a business or home owner seeking to improve your current property or creating new features you can count on Advanced Tree & Landscaping Service Medford Oregon, we have been servicing Medford Oregon and suurounding areas for decades and look forward to the opportunity to service your Medford lanscaping needs. Contact us today for a quote at 541-621-9460 or click here to contact us.

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