Shady Trees for Your Yard on Hot Summer Days

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The best kind of shade is the natural kind! Imagine yourself in your backyard oasis, surrounded by beautiful trees, providing shade to you and your loved ones. You feel the warmth of the sun, but it’s not too hot because your trees are providing just the right amount of shade. Here are some shady trees for you yard on hot summer days.

Bigleaf Maple Tree

This versatile tree makes a wonderful shade tree with its plentiful leaves, and it becomes even more beautiful in the fall when its leaves change to vibrant colors that catch your eyes. Bigleaf Maple trees get quite large, growing between 40 and 80 feet tall. Make sure if you choose this tree that you have plenty of room for it to flourish and grow.

Cascara Tree

If you have less space in your yard, but you still want your tree to flourish and provide shade, the Cascara tree is a great tree for your yard. The Cascara tree only will grow to be about 30 feet in height. They attract various types of birds with their beautiful blooming green and white flowers that later sprout berries.

Red Alder Tree

The Red Alder tree can be a great addition to a yard that currently has no shade at all. These native trees need lots of space to grow and put down roots though, as they get to be up to 50 feet tall. Attracting multiple birds with its seeds, this tree is sure to bring a beautiful sight to your backyard while providing you with tons of wonderful shade.

Shady trees are a great addition to your yard for the hot Oregon summers. If you’re in the Medford, OR area, and you need tree trimming or landscaping support, let Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping take care of you. Contact us today to request an estimate!