Special Summer Tree Care

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During the summer season, there is a huge increase in temperature, which can be especially destructive for your home’s flowers and trees. The rising heat can mean that your trees and other plants need some additional maintenance to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping can provide all of these services and more to make sure your trees and plants grow as they are supposed to and can continue to make your home look amazing.

Plenty of Water

Unsurprisingly, the most common cause of unhealthy and dying plants in the summertime is dehydration. Deeper watering encourages trees to dig their roots deeper into the ground, where they can make themselves a steadier and more permanent foundation on which to stand tall. To check if your plants are being watered enough or too much, stick two fingers about four inches deep into the soil. The soil should just be moist. If the soil is not moist or is wet, that means your tree watering needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Frequent Pruning

Pruning is the cutting of branches from a tree, and it is essential for making sure your trees grow tall and strong. Having low-hanging branches or branches that are too heavy can quickly cause problems for your tree, like leaning. When a tree leans, it can mess up its root system of support and put it at risk of falling over. A falling tree can easily cause severe damage to anything around it, including your home.

At Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping, we offer regular pruning services, one of the most important aspects of promoting healthy tree growth. Usually, winter and fall is the best time to prune, but often diseases can be caught and prevented with regular pruning throughout the summer season as well. Contact us today!