Spring Cleaning for Your Lawn

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Springtime is here again! Prepping your yard in the spring can lead to a summer full of outdoor activities in a yard that you love.

Spring Raking

Spring cleaning for your lawn starts with removing the layer of dead grass and leaves. It is best to wait until your grass starts to turn green, so you know that your grass is rooted. Using a flexible rake, make sure to go over your entire lawn to clean up the mess that winter left on your lawn.

Does Your Lawn Need Air

High-traffic lawns that get compacted can be a breeding ground for moss. If you find your grass isn’t growing, aeration may be your answer. Aeration creates openings in the turf to allow air and water to penetrate to the roots. Fall is the ideal time to aerate your lawn, but if it needs it in the spring too, then go for it!

Winter Can Cause Patches

Fall is the best time to seed your lawn, but if your lawn is in need, you can seed again in the spring. You can seed the entire lawn or just the bare patches. Make sure to use a starter fertilizer and water daily until it sprouts and starts growing. At this time, you can switch to a normal fertilizer.

Don’t Forget the Tools

Springtime also means getting your lawnmower tuned up. Sharpen the blades to get a good clean cut. Change the oil, check the spark plug and change it if necessary, and clean or change your filter. Don’t forget to fill up the gas can so you don’t run out in the middle of mowing!

Call in the Pros

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