Planting Summer Flowers for Your Garden

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With summer approaching, you want your gardens’ flowers to be as bright and vibrant as possible. Many flowers do much better during the warmer summer months, and will also bloom during this time. By planting seasonal flowers, you can make sure your home is ready to stand out and be the best home on the block. Many different summer flowers are low maintenance, yet come in a variety of bright and beautiful colors.

The Best Summer Flowers for Home Gardens

When you are gardening, you always want to make sure that you are planting seeds that will grow well in the current season. With summer coming, many plants will die from the increased heat. However, other plants thrive in the warmer climate and can make your home look absolutely stunning. The most common flowers that grow well in summer weather include:

  • Alliums, or “onion flowers”, come in purple or white ball-like flowers that have a pleasing scent. They make for a perfect addition to any home flower garden.
  • Begonias are small, colorful flowers that are low maintenance. These are simple yet beautiful flowers that bloom in the summer and stay beautiful with little effort.
  • Black-eyed Susans are an oddly named but beautiful flower that look similar to a mini sunflower. Planting these in your garden can brighten up your garden and keep your home looking vibrant all summer long.
  • Bougainvilleas thrive in warm climates and come in a gorgeous and bright magenta color. These will climb up anything near them, so you can use small poles in your garden to give your home garden some depth and variety.
  • Clematises also bloom on climbing vines, and can add some beautiful purple color to your garden. These flowers smell amazing and are mostly low maintenance.

To get started on your garden, or to add some new some flowers to your existing one, contact us today.