Four Flowers to Plant in Your Yard to Attract Honeybees

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Wanting to have more of an impact on nature just by planting flowers in your garden? Attract honeybees to your garden by planting flowers that attract pollinators to your yard. Putting your flowers in a sunny spot will also improve your chances of charming honeybees. The following are four flowers to plant in your yard to attract honeybees!

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees are beautiful when in bloom from winter to early spring. Pink and white flowers bloom, followed by little red “crabapples.” These are great trees to keep in your yard, because they hold up well against diseases. Buzzing bees are attracted to the beautiful flowers on this tree, so it’s a great addition to any yard!


This native species bulb flower blooms in winter and early spring. This plant with vibrant blue flowers is a perfect addition to the landscaping of your garden. Beautiful blue blooms will attract buzzing honeybees in no time!


This shrub is a gorgeous addition to your garden blooming from April to June. Branches of beautiful white flowers bud, attracting honeybees to your home. Add these shrubs around your yard or to your garden to spice up your landscaping and attract pollinators.

Western Serviceberry 

Another great native tree to add to your yard is the Western Serviceberry! These beautiful shrubs bloom with star-shaped flowers that are white and later grow purple berries. Bees love this tree, and so will you with the gorgeous addition of its star flowers.

Flowering plants and shrubbery are a great addition to add to your yard this season to attract buzzing honeybees! Trust Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping to maintain the beautiful landscaping in your yards. If you are near Medford, OR, and need help maintaining your garden and shrubbery, contact us today for our landscaping services!