Preventing Pests and Disease in Your Trees

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Your trees are vulnerable to insects and can even develop diseases — both of these can destroy your trees in just a short amount of time. Keeping a watchful eye on your trees is key for preventing insects and diseases from getting out of hand. The earlier you can catch an infestation or an infection, the better chances you can get rid of it quickly.

Tips to Help Keep Your Trees Healthy

These tips can help you prevent a potential problem with the health of your trees:

  • Check any new holes and burrows in your trees. These can be a sure sign that there are insects that have decided to use your tree as their nest. The sooner you can catch these and apply pesticides or other tools, the easier it will be to make sure your trees don’t have to sustain any unnecessary damage. Often, trees need to be removed if they have been infested with pests to keep the bugs from destroying any nearby trees.
  • Take good care of your trees. Properly watering and caring for your trees can make them more resistant to diseases. Additionally, tending to the plant bed often and making sure it is flat and clean of debris can help prevent pests from making their way into your tree’s roots or trunk.
  • Plant pest-resistant trees. These trees are certain varieties that are less likely to be infested and can save you a lot of money and trouble. Be sure to do your research and plant trees that are good for your region and can resist any local pests if possible.

What We Can Do for You

Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping in Medford, Oregon, can help you take care of your trees and make sure they stay tall and shady for these hot summer months. We offer a variety of services and will always work hard to make sure your trees are well taken care of. Find out more today!