Do You Love Trees? We Have Some “New” New Year’s Resolutions for You!

Why make the same old resolutions to “lose weight” and “exercise more” year after year? At Advanced Tree & Landscaping, we’d like to suggest that you strike out in a new direction this year, especially if you own a beautiful piece of wooded property, or believe in proactively doing something for the earth! Here are […]

How to Spot A Hazardous Tree Problem!

It’s not something you think about often, but a tree can be dangerous. Trees and tree limbs can fall, causing injury or damage. These trees are what we call “hazardous,” because they pose an actual risk to people or property. It’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure the trees on the property they own are […]

“Tree Topping” – Why You Should Never “Top” Your Tree!

“Topping” is probably the most harmful pruning process known to trees, yet the practice of it continues. “Topping” a tree refers to cutting its upper branches back to stubs, and sheering off the main trunk portion in a lateral cut about 2/3 or 3/4 of the way up the tree. This is generally done to […]

Some Signs That Your Tree is Sick!

Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes wait until their tree is obviously sick or dying before calling us in to diagnose the problem and take care of it. Generally, it’s fairly obvious when a tree is in trouble, but not always. Here are some signs to look for: • Discolored Leaves: This is generally the first clue you’ll […]

What Can an Arborist Do For You?

Your home is an investment, and the trees on it are an integral part of the value of your home, your property, and your quality of life. Ideally, a homeowner would call us in to evaluate and care for their trees on an annual basis. When we come in, we will examine and assess the […]

Exactly What Is a “Certified Arborist?”

An arborist is a specialist trained in caring for all species of trees and other woody shrubs and bushes; they are experts in the field of “arboriculture.” An arborist has achieved a high level of knowledge and experience in all areas of tree care, and that means – if you don’t know what kind of […]

The Christmas Tree! Some Snippets of History

• The first use of evergreen trees was to celebrate the winter season – and it was before the birth of Christ. • The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia, in 1510. • Cherry and hawthorn trees were also used as Christmas trees before the evergreen was • Christmas tree “lights” made of […]

Did You Know? Fascinating Tree Facts!

1. No tree dies of old age. They are generally killed by insects, disease, or people. They are the longest living organisms on earth. The California Bristlecone Pines and Giant Sequoias are believed to be the oldest trees in the world; their age has been estimated at 4,000 to 5,000 years. The average tree in […]