Building or Remodeling? Save Your Trees – Talk to Your Arborist as Well as Your Architect and Contractor!

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15886316_s-1Whenever and where ever there is construction – there is potential for damage to your existing trees! If you are planning to build or remodel on a property with a number of trees, the best idea is to consult with an arborist early in the planning stages. You should let your arborist assess the trees on your property first to determine their condition, and then you should both meet with your architect and/or builder/contractor as placement, design, and construction of the building is discussed. Sometimes a builder needs to be educated on how easy it may be to save a tree rather than pull it down, and sometimes an owner may not realize that the more trees left on a property, the more valuable it is. It is important for contractors to realize that simple and small changes in the placement or design of a structure will often make the difference in whether or not a tree survives. Shifting a building plan slightly can provide an alternative way to put in a walkway or install utility pipelines without destroying a tree’s roots. If a walkway is needed, a root system can be bridged over, and it’s possible to tunnel under a root system to install utilities, rather than trench through them. Many – if not most – of the trees on your property can be saved if you take the proper steps and work together!