Some Signs That Your Tree is Sick!

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15073990_sUnfortunately, homeowners sometimes wait until their tree is obviously sick or dying before calling us in to diagnose the problem and take care of it. Generally, it’s fairly obvious when a tree is in trouble, but not always. Here are some signs to look for:
• Discolored Leaves: This is generally the first clue you’ll see; if it’s not fall but your tree’s leaves are turning yellow, brown, or have dots and/or splotches on them, your tree is in trouble, and it’s time to call us!
• Leaf Size: When a tree starts to become stressed, it will try to save energy for dealing with the problem by reducing the size of its leaves. If you aren’t sure what size your tree’s leaves are supposed to be, check online, the information is there, and if the leaves are on the small side, it’s time to call us!
• Leaves Bud Late, Fall Early: If your tree doesn’t seem to be getting it’s leaves at the same time as the other trees, and is also losing them earlier than all the other trees, then it is not a healthy or happy tree, and it’s time to call us!
• Presence of Insects and/or Caterpillars: This is one of the signs of trouble that’s hard to determine, because many trees and insects have good, symbiotic relations and the insects are supposed to be there. In order to decide if the relationship is positive or negative, you may need to watch your tree for a while to determine if the insects are doing damage, and if you see signs of chewing, it’s time to call us!
• Mushrooms: Mushrooms are fungi and fungi break down whatever they grow on, so if you notice that mushrooms are growing around the base of your tree, it’s time to call us – and soon!
• Bleeding Sap: If there is sap obviously bleeding from your tree, the tree is losing its nutrients, and all is not well. It means that there is a disease, fungus, or other type of problem going on, and it is – yes – time to call us!