I Want to Plant Some Trees On My Property – When Should I Do This?

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21926409_sAt Advanced Tree & Landscaping, we can help you chose the right tree for the place you want to put it, as well as plant it for you so that it gets off to a good start in life! We help you take into consideration the type of soil you have, the sunlight, the slope where the tree is going, and the effect on your overall landscape so we can offer you the best kinds of trees for your property. As for when to plant trees, the general answer is that late winter or early spring is the optimum time for planting a young tree. The next best time to plant would be in the fall. Summer is never a good choice for planting young trees; heat is a major enemy of saplings. Mid-winter isn’t a good idea either, both because the ground may be too hard, but – more importantly – the tree won’t get enough water, even with heavy snowfall. Planting trees on your property is one of the best ways to increase it’s value, because it’s improves the appearance, or “curb appeal” of your home. We will be happy to help you find the best tree for the job!