Do You Love Trees? We Have Some “New” New Year’s Resolutions for You!

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Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 3.21.33 PMWhy make the same old resolutions to “lose weight” and “exercise more” year after year? At Advanced Tree & Landscaping, we’d like to suggest that you strike out in a new direction this year, especially if you own a beautiful piece of wooded property, or believe in proactively doing something for the earth! Here are some suggestions for you, your family, or your class!
• Go see the “Heritage Trees” in Portland!
Portland has almost 300 Heritage Trees throughout the city. These are trees which have been recognized for their historical significance, their size, or their unique horticultural aspects. It may be a little tough to see every single tree, but you can pick at least five to visit. The City of Portland has a website that can give you information and a guide to Portland’s Historical Trees!
• Volunteer to Plant or Conserve a Tree!
Long known for its trees, Oregon is home to a number of organizations that are dedicated to planting trees and conserving our natural forests. You could start with the group “Friends of Trees,” and be a part of their Neighborhood Trees Program. “Greenspace Initiative” and “Plant it Portland! also have campaigns that you can join. Go to these and similar websites to discover how to get involved in programs like this in our area!
• Learn to Identify Trees!
How often have you been on a walk, noticed the trees and the plants, bushes and flowers, and had no idea what any of them were? For some of us – that happens a great deal! But you can take a course and learn how to identify a tree just by its bark, foliage, or flowers – and it’s a great way to connect with nature and become a better property owner. If you have children or teach in an elementary school, this is a great activity for children to do with adults, and it gets everybody outside for some fresh air!