Signs of a Dying Tree

Is It Seasonal or Is It Dying? As fall approaches, leaves will begin changing color and dropping from numerous tree species in Southern Oregon. Many trees will then become dormant throughout the winter months, appearing as if they are dead, no longer needing as much food, water, or sunlight to survive.  During these changes, it […]

4 Fall Landscaping Tips

Summer is coming to a close, and that means fall is right around the corner. With a new season, comes new landscaping responsibilities. For instance, you should be using fall as the time to prepare for winter and the harsher impact it’ll have on both your yard and your ability to perform landscaping duties. That […]

Help Your Trees This Winter with These Four Steps

­Trees face a long harsh road every winter. Storms, ice, and temperature changes stress even those accustomed to colder climes. Though forests are plentiful near Medford, trees that stand alone in yards face more risk than those in the forests – they lack the protection of other trees. Even though we can’t control the weather […]

Why Fall is the Perfect Season for Tree Services in Medford

Winter is quickly approaching, but it’s not too late to squeeze in some late fall tree and landscaping services. Fall is the ideal time for serious tree services such as removals and branch trimmings, before winter weather and storms threaten to bring them crashing to the ground. Fall tree services can also prepare your landscape […]

Why Is Pruning Important?

Pruning is an important aspect of taking care of trees and other plants. However, many people often ignore this aspect of tree or plant care, and thus causes to them to suffer the consequences of problems caused by not pruning the trees. When done properly, pruning can bring various benefits to you, your property and […]

Landscape Projects – Better Homes and Gardens

Tired of the same old look for your front lawn and backyard? Why not spruce things up a bit by adding little tweaks here and there? Improving your lawn and garden’s appearance doesn’t mean that you have to tear it apart and renovate the whole thing. In fact, you may be surprised at how much […]

Landscape Design – Landscaping Ideas for Your Front and Backyard Landscape

Front lawns and backyards are equally as important as indoor spaces. Your front lawn is one of the first things that passing people usually see, while your backyard can serve as an extension of your entertainment spaces. If you want to make your front and backyard look inviting and appealing, here are some landscaping designs […]

Suggestions for Fast Growing Shade Trees in Southern Oregon

Do you have a back deck that’s taking a beating from the sun, or a patio that’s sizzling in summer? There are a number of fast-growing shade trees that work well in Southern Oregon! Here are a few we like to recommend; they grow fast, aren’t particularly messy (annoying fruits, etc), they’re hearty, and generally […]

Checklist For a Healthy Tree!

Without becoming an arborist yourself, here are some general “tips” for estimating the health of your trees, or at least – knowing when you should call us! Take a walk around your property and look at your trees with this prospective and these questions in mind: • Leaf Size: If you have stunted or dwarfed […]

Growing Fruit Trees – Some Things to Consider

No doubt about it, there’s nothing like a bowl of apples on your table that you’ve picked from your very own tree, and canning your own peach and pear preserves can be a satisfying labor of love! But fruit trees are more time consuming, and have more issues than other trees, and you should be […]