Landscape Design – Landscaping Ideas for Your Front and Backyard Landscape

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15391768_sFront lawns and backyards are equally as important as indoor spaces. Your front lawn is one of the first things that passing people usually see, while your backyard can serve as an extension of your entertainment spaces. If you want to make your front and backyard look inviting and appealing, here are some landscaping designs which you can consider. Take your pick and start the makeover!


Traditional designs are timeless classics in lawn and backyard care. They add a touch of yesteryears and works perfectly well with colonial themed and designed houses. Traditional lawns are characterized by highly manicured lawns, with geometric shapes and repeating patterns. Flower beds are usually rectangular or circular, and shapes are symmetrical to each other. Statues and fountains can be added for a more classic touch surrounded by colorful plantings.

Country Style

Country style lawns provide houses with a charmingly rustic lawn and backyard. They provide a homey feel, as this design is dominantly inspired by countryside homes and cottages. As such, the design is characterized by the use of natural materials like wood and stones. Trees and shrubs are grown alongside the flowers, and more directly planted plants on the soil than planters. Meandering walkways of gravel or cobblestones are also present. For a more striking effect, a white picket fence is usually installed.


As the name suggests, this front and backyard design follows the premise that “less is more.” Minimalist designs for lawns are primarily concerned about keeping the maintenance low, and as such, the landscape is dominated by gravel or stone and not by green grass. The walkway is usually poured concrete. An example is a Zen garden with lots of gravel and a few select bonsai trees perched on big boulders. Because of the low maintenance, this style is quickly becoming popular in urban areas.


Contemporary or modern designs are usually dominated by modern graphic elements and strong visual lines. This style also makes use of unusual materials, like fist-sized pebbles instead of gravel. Modern front and backyard design aims to blend the indoors with the outdoors, and thus it is not uncommon to see pergolas, cushiony furniture and draperies and other indoor items there.