Why Fall is the Perfect Season for Tree Services in Medford

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Winter is quickly approaching, but it’s not too late to squeeze in some late fall tree and landscaping services. Fall is the ideal time for serious tree services such as removals and branch trimmings, before winter weather and storms threaten to bring them crashing to the ground. Fall tree services can also prepare your landscape for colder temperatures, helping your plants survive the winter. If you haven’t scheduled your services yet, here are three reasons to do so now.


Dead Branches Could Threaten Your Property

The winter climate in Medford is cold and wet. Average low temperatures dip into the 30s, with high chances of rain most days. Cold-weather precipitation and winds during storms can be enough to knock down heavy limbs and branches that are lifeless or damaged. If you don’t trim these problem areas during the fall, winter weather could cause them to crash down on top of your home, your vehicle, or even a person on your property. Schedule an inspection of trees in fall to avoid this risk.


Pruning in Dormancy is Healthy for Your Trees

Many species of trees and other plants rely on regular pruning to be their healthiest and most beautiful. The best time to prune your trees depends on your goals. If you want to encourage an abundance of new growth in the spring, prune during winter to create this effect. Schedule pruning services in fall to get rid of dead areas. Then, schedule pruning services with the goal of spurring new growth once the coldest part of winter has passed. That way, your tree will be its leafiest during the spring.


Prepare Your Landscape for New Designs

Start next spring with a clean slate by clearing your property of dead, diseased, or nuisance trees in the fall. Fall is a good time for service teams to come to your property and perform prompt tree removals, before the risk of rainy weather. By the time the weather starts to warm back up in spring, your lawn will be free from problem trees and ready for a new season of planting.