4 Fall Landscaping Tips

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Summer is coming to a close, and that means fall is right around the corner. With a new season, comes new landscaping responsibilities. For instance, you should be using fall as the time to prepare for winter and the harsher impact it’ll have on both your yard and your ability to perform landscaping duties.

That being said, here are some landscaping tips for the fall:

1. Rake the Leaves

Believe it or not, raking leaves leads to more than just a clean, aesthetically pleasing lawn. In reality, it’s a fantastic way to prepare your yard for the winter. First, you will need to rake the leaves into an orderly pile. Then, you can run them through a leaf shredder — this allows you to create an effective mulch, able to keep your plants safe during the winter.

2. Reseed Your Lawn

If any season is the best time to aerate and reseed your yard, it’s fall. During the summer, your lawn is put under a good deal of stress. So, during the fall, you could help to alleviate some of this damage. For every 1,000 square feet of yard space, you’ll need to use around three pounds of seed.

3. Clean Up and Tend to Hardscapes

When we say “hardscapes,” we’re referring to areas of your property such as patios, driveways, and walkways. If any of these structures are cracked, fall is a great time of year to utilize a sealant. This way, your hardscapes will be better protected from damage, when they’re faced with freezing and thawing during the winter.

4. Bring in Tropical Plants

If you currently have any tropicals growing outside, fall is the time to move them indoors. Try to transition them gradually, by first relocating them to another outdoor spot, without so much direct sunlight. This will allow you to keep your tropical plants healthy and safe during the upcoming colder months.

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