Exactly What Is a “Certified Arborist?”

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4266876_sAn arborist is a specialist trained in caring for all species of trees and other woody shrubs and bushes; they are experts in the field of “arboriculture.” An arborist has achieved a high level of knowledge and experience in all areas of tree care, and that means – if you don’t know what kind of tree you have, what’s the matter with it, or how to fix it, you can be sure an arborist will – and they’ll have the right tools to do it with! A professional arborist has passed an ISA certification demonstrating their experience and skill in the science of planting, caring for, and maintaining the health of individual trees. In addition, they are highly trained experts in the specialized equipment required for what is often a dangerous job – pruning and trimming tall trees. The members of our team here at Advanced Tree and Landscaping are all ISA certified arborists, dedicated to the welfare and care of your trees!