Is My Tree Dead

Trees are a great addition to any home. They provide shade as well as a variety of foods, flowers, and so much more. Many of us look forward to the months where we get to witness our tree coming back to life by leafing out. Trees can be impacted by the weather, and with an […]

How to Spot a Hazardous Tree

Oregon homeowners love the beauty and shade that trees provide for our outdoor spaces. Those same trees can pose a danger to our homes and our family. That is why it is important to identify trees that present a risk before they actually cause property damage or physical harm. The following signs indicate a potentially […]

4 Tips for Summer Tree Care

As an Oregon homeowner, you take pride in your landscape and spend the time needed to keep your lawn and flowerbeds healthy and well maintained. Properly caring for the trees on your property is just as important. Spending time during the summer to care for your trees will ensure that they remain happy and healthy. […]

Spring Tree Care Tips

As spring approaches, it’s also time to prepare for tree and garden maintenance. Below is a short list of important tips to help your outdoor living environment flourish. Spring-cleaning. No spring advice is more important than the age-old annual spring-cleaning routine. Raking leaves and debris eliminates the breeding ground for fungal growth. Inspect your trees […]

Spring Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

After a long winter, spring is a welcome time of warm temperatures and an increase in outdoor activity. It’s also the perfect time to start your lawn and landscape care. Below is a list of yard tips to keep the outside of your home looking spectacular. Inspect your trees and shrubbery. Prune broken or damaged […]

How Stumps Can Wreak Havoc On Your Home

While many trees are beautiful and provide welcome shade in the summer months, they can create significant problems for your home. Falling leaves and branches create hours of yard work and can cause significant damage if they settle on your roof or in your gutters. Springtime thunderstorms can cause large branches to crack and fall, […]

Why Winter Tree Maintenance Is Vital

Without greenery and excessive foliage, it’s easy to ignore the trees in your yard. The leaves aren’t blocking the sun or hanging down, your neighbor isn’t frustrated about your tree sap in his space, and summer storm bolts don’t threaten to strike your mighty Oak. It’s normal to stop thinking about landscaping once the snow […]

Don’t Fall Behind on Fall Cleanup

As this year comes quickly to a close, as the years often do, it’s natural to find oneself questioning where the time has gone. With all the monotony of working from home, the stress of the pandemic, and the question of how the holidays will look this year, it’s natural to reach November and realize […]

Essential Things to Know About Summer Tree Pruning

Working in the yard and gardens is one of the great joys of summer for many Americans. If you have trees on your property that are getting out of control, warm sunny days may be a tempting time to prune them back. You must be careful, however, with pruning. Issues With Summer Pruning Although it […]

It’s Time to Have an Old Tree Removed

Many homeowners throughout the Medford area have trees on their properties. Trees oxygenate the air, provide shade, and break strong gusts, in some cases protecting nearby structures. They can also attract beautiful birds and provide shelter to many types of wildlife, not all of which are welcome inside or near a home. While most homeowners […]