Tree Planting Tips

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Spring is the season of change, rebirth, and new life. If you want to celebrate by growing some new plants, why not consider planting a tree?

Trees aren’t as simple to grow as flowers and crops may be. You’ll need to consider a few important factors and understand the needs of the tree you’re planning to raise.

Finding the Right Spot

Your tree can’t just be planted anywhere. You have to consider if:

  • There are underground utility lines around.
  • The area has enough sunlight.
  • There is enough space for the tree to grow — you want it at least 10-15 feet away from your house and five feet away from fences or patios.
  • There are other plants around that will also demand nutrients and water.
  • The soil is good enough for the tree you’re planting.
  • The tree won’t create problems by growing larger, such as getting in the way of power lines or blocking the light for other plants.

Picking the Right Tree

Beyond simply finding a good place to plant your tree, the tree itself will demand different things from you based on the species. In Oregon alone, there are a variety of native trees you could consider, and each has unique needs to account for, such as the:

  • White oak. This is a beautiful tree that people don’t like to plant because it’s slow growing, but it could look perfect in your yard. You’ll just need to make sure your yard can accommodate its size.
  •  Red alder. This is a low-maintenance tree loved by birds. It will need full sun and pruning to keep it healthy.
  • Oregon crabapple. This tree is a good choice for medium-sized yards. If your yard has wet or clay-filled soil, this tree may also be a good choice.

 Of course, there are many other tree varieties you could consider. You should pick the one you like best and learn all you can to keep it healthy and happy.

Hiring the Right Help

If you need help caring for, maintaining, or removing a tree, you need a professional. Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping is here to help. Contact us today.