Avoiding Common Summer Landscaping Problems

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Summer is a beautiful, sunny time of year, which means it’s a great time to work on your landscaping. Don’t be fooled, however; there are some landscaping problems that you’re likely to run into if you’re unprepared. Luckily, these common summer landscaping issues aren’t that hard to fix with a little work and research, and with extra care and attention, your landscaping will thrive.

Dryness and Drought

The summer heat may make it a good time to wear shorts and visit the beach, but it’s not so good for your plants. From dry, compacted soil to dehydrated plants, too much sunlight and warmth can cause problems.

You can help your lawn by doing a few things:

  • Provide routine maintenance, such as aeration or mowing.
  • Properly water your lawn, including watering at the right time of day and ensuring you don’t go overboard.
  • Add compost, mulch, or fertilizer.


You’ll start seeing more critters in your yard as things warm up. This can be good, as many animals pollinate, eat the worst pests, or help the ecosystem. However, you want to keep your yard safe from plant destroyers. Look out for any signs that your plants are being eaten or harmed, and follow a few of these steps to keep your yard healthy: 

  • Keep the soil healthy to help your plants defend themselves
  • Please pay attention to where your plants are being grown; some areas may allow pests to get them more easily.
  • Attract beneficial insects that will eat the bugs you’re worried about.
  • Repel pests with strong-smelling herbs.


Just like humans and animals, plants can also undergo stress. Some gardening actions, when taken overboard, can harm the plant, so don’t: 

  • Prune too much
  • Move the plant too much
  • Use a high-nitrogen fertilizer

Professional Landscaping Help

This summer, there’s no need to handle serious landscaping emergencies by yourself. Allow Advanced Tree and Landscaping to take care of your yard and help your plants to thrive. Contact us today.