Protecting Your Yard From Pests

Your yard confronts a certain number of hazards and conditions that could deteriorate its well-being, and you are going to have to stay attentive to each one to prevent or fix it. When left unattended, these insects can destroy your yard and ruin all of the hard work you put in its upkeep. Look for […]

Spring Time Tips For Your Oregon Lawn

Now winter is winding down and the warmer months are coming soon, it is the ideal time to fix any harm done by winter months and prepare the yard in time for the spring. Keep a number of that lawn care advice in mind when keeping your lawn in good shape for this season. Clean […]

Consider Tree and Stump Removal this Fall

If you have trees or stumps in your yard that cause problems or look bad, fall is a wonderful time to have them removed.   Getting rid of trees that are too close to your home, or are in a location that makes them hazardous, is smart.  You may also have tree stumps that you want […]

How Much Should You Water Your Lawn in Medford, OR

Sometimes it is hard to decide how much to water your lawn during the Oregon summers.  Summer can be sweltering or mild, so watering should be adjusted by how much heat and direct sunlight your lawn and landscaping gets during the day. The amount of time to water your lawn in the summer also varies […]

The Benefits of Aerating Your Lawn

Mid-Summer is a wonderful time think about scheduling time to have your lawn aerated when the season ends.  Aerating your lawn can improve the health of your grass and reduce runoff from heavy rains.  If your soil is compacted in spots, aeration also helps get water and air to the roots of your lawn so […]

Spruce up Your Landscaping in Medford this Summer

It is summertime and with the change of seasons comes great ideas for the landscaping around your property.  Whether you want to create a small oasis or a place for kids to be active while you work on other things, creating a yard that fits your household is a wonderful way to feel even more […]

Use Grass Clippings to Improve Your Lawn

At the beginning of spring, taking care of your lawn and maintaining an organized and beautiful landscape is the goal of most homeowners. While the presence of grass clippings in your sidewalks, driveways, and gutters is a major disturbance to that goal, leaving them in the lawn itself can bring numerous, unexpected benefits. Reduces Effort […]

4 Common Landscaping Myths to Avoid

If you are a new homeowner in Medford, Oregon and it’s the first time you take care of landscaping duties, you may look for advice on what to do. However, some of this advice can lead you to either further damage your lawn, cost you money, or simply inconvenience you. Learn about these common landscaping […]

How to Identify Common Lawn Pests

Your lawn faces a certain number of hazards and conditions that can deteriorate its well-being, and you’ll have to stay attentive to each one to prevent or repair it. One of the more common threats to a lawn is pests. When left unattended, these pests, usually insects, can destroy your lawn and ruin all the […]

4 Lawn Care Tips to Prepare for Spring

Now that winter is winding down and the warmer months are arriving soon, it’s the perfect time to repair any damage done by the winter and prepare the lawn just in time for the spring. Keep some of these lawn care tips in mind when maintaining your yard in great shape for the season. Clean […]