How to Identify Common Lawn Pests

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Your lawn faces a certain number of hazards and conditions that can deteriorate its well-being, and you’ll have to stay attentive to each one to prevent or repair it. One of the more common threats to a lawn is pests. When left unattended, these pests, usually insects, can destroy your lawn and ruin all the hard work you placed in its maintenance. Look for these common lawn pests, as well as the warning signs that manifest in your lawn.

Crane Flies

European crane flies, also known as leatherjackets when in the larval stage, are some of the most common pests in Oregon lawns. During their adult stage, they are often confused with mosquitos. Since they eat roots and stems, you can identify them in your lawn through patches of dead grass.

Mole Crickets

These pests are common in the South, but they also appear in the mountain west. They usually eat grass by burrowing under the soil. Look for mole crickets by checking raised soil and dead grass nearby. Some animals may also dig through the soil to eat these crickets.

Yellow Jackets

While yellow jackets do not provide a specific threat to your lawn or trees, their nests take up valuable space and usually keep you and the people around you away from your lawn. These are some of the more obvious pests in your yard, mostly through their ground-level nests. However, make sure you distinguish a yellow jacket from honeybees, as the latter need professional, safe removal.

Sod Webworms

Homeowners sometimes find these webworms in Oregon lawns. Sod webworms evolve into moths. During their larval stage, these pests eat stems and grass blades, leaving behind brown areas in the lawn. Their damage is distinctive because they leave behind grass, plant, and turf riddled with holes. Birds and other predators also usually look for them.

These pests have different remedies than others. By identifying the specific pest, a professional can apply the correct solution and protect your lawn.