Consider Tree and Stump Removal this Fall

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If you have trees or stumps in your yard that cause problems or look bad, fall is a wonderful time to have them removed.   Getting rid of trees that are too close to your home, or are in a location that makes them hazardous, is smart.  You may also have tree stumps that you want to remove so that your landscaping looks good. 

Fall is the best time to remove older trees and stumps because you can prepare your yard for next year.  It is also an excellent time to replant if you want to add shrubs or a different kind of tree to the vacant space. 

Top Reasons to Remove Stumps:

  • A tree stump can make your landscaping seem less pretty.
  • Getting rid of the stumps in your yard allows you more space to plant new trees, grass, or flowers.  You can also install a raised bed garden!
  • Insects are sometimes attracted to tree stumps. 
  • It is harder to mow or trim around tree stumps.
  • If a tree stump is in the middle of your yard, they could be hazardous because people can trip over the stump.

Top Reasons to Remove a Tree:

  • If there is a dead tree in your yard, it could attract insects or eventually fall.
  • Weak trees may fall and damage your property or hurt someone if you don’t remove them.
  • If the tree is threatening the structure of your home or building, have it assessed by a professional to see if you need removal services.  Sometimes a tree can be moved, while other times it should just be removed from your property because the root system is a danger to your home.

Hiring a professional to remove your trees or tree stumps is essential if you want a job done safely and correctly.   Advanced Tree and Landscape has professional landscapers to help you decide when the right time is to remove and replant your trees!