How Much Should You Water Your Lawn in Medford, OR

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How Much Should You Water Your Lawn in Medford, OR

Sometimes it is hard to decide how much to water your lawn during the Oregon summers.  Summer can be sweltering or mild, so watering should be adjusted by how much heat and direct sunlight your lawn and landscaping gets during the day.

The amount of time to water your lawn in the summer also varies based on the type of sprinkler you use.  If you have a rotor head or rotating nozzle sprinkler, the amount of water, your lawn needs could be double or triple the amount of a standard sprinkler system installed in your yard.

A Good Watering Schedule to Follow for Medford, OR

  • In May, your lawn should have between 1 and 1.21 inches of water a week. This translates to 42-48 minutes of water with a standard spray sprinkler system.
  • The inches of water recommended in June are between 1.40 and 1.71. This means your lawn will need 56-64 minutes of watering with a sprinkler system a week.
  • In July, you will want to increase the minutes you water to about 70 minutes, or 1.76 inches of water.
  • In August and September, decrease the water as the weather gets cooler. On warmer days, add a little more water to compensate for the heat.

If you can, consider watering your lawn in increments throughout the day.  This allows the water to seep into the soil better.  It also matters when you water.  Low evaporation is important, so watering during the heat of the day isn’t recommended.  Early morning and evenings are the best time to water your lawn.

If you have trees to water, consider that they like less frequent amounts of water and more water all at once, so it reaches the roots.  You can also use drip irrigation for your trees and landscaping to save water and make sure that your plants always have enough water during the heat of the summer.

If you need assistance with your lawn or landscaping this summer, Advanced Tree and Landscape in Medford has friendly professionals waiting to help you care for your lawn and trees!