4 Lawn Care Tips to Prepare for Spring

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Now that winter is winding down and the warmer months are arriving soon, it’s the perfect time to repair any damage done by the winter and prepare the lawn just in time for the spring. Keep some of these lawn care tips in mind when maintaining your yard in great shape for the season.

Clean Up the Yard

Winter invites a variety of debris and garbage to your lawn, from fallen leaves and branches to other debris. Inspect your lawn for these obstructions and use a rake or a leaf blower to clear them out. If you see dead grass, twigs, or other organic debris, add it to your compost pile. Otherwise, dispose of the waste.

Seed Bare Areas

If you see any areas in your lawn that show bare soil, seed them as soon as you can, especially in an early and moist time such as this. Prepare the soil to keep it ready for growth and apply the appropriate seed for your soil. Make sure you water at least once a week or more depending on the moisture of your lawn.

Apply Weed Killer

If you want to prevent weeds like crabgrass from competing with your grass and killing it, apply the appropriate amount of herbicide in places where weeds are a problem, particularly areas you’re not planning to seed. If you see weeds already, manually pull them out to prevent them from spreading in the future.

Mow the Lawn

Sometimes, your grass can grow unexpectedly higher than usual. Don’t let your grass get too long and mow wherever appropriate, at least once a week. Keep the blade high to avoid damaging your lawn this early, and make sure you keep your grass clippings in your compost collection.

These are just some of the practices you can take when transitioning your lawn from winter to spring. Preparing your lawn in a timely manner will keep it strong and prosperous during the later spring season and summer.