4 Common Landscaping Myths to Avoid

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If you are a new homeowner in Medford, Oregon and it’s the first time you take care of
landscaping duties, you may look for advice on what to do. However, some of this advice can
lead you to either further damage your lawn, cost you money, or simply inconvenience you.
Learn about these common landscaping myths so you can avoid future trouble.

Spring Is the Only Time to Plant

The summer is a terrible time to plant and avoiding it is a wise move. However, limiting yourself
to spring is also unnecessary. Fall also provides a great balance between warmth and coolness
that is ideal for plant growth, so maximize your landscaping time and take advantages of both
spring and fall. In addition, certain plant species can only grow during the fall, so keep that in
mind when planning your landscape.

Shorter Lawns Are Easier to Maintain

Cutting your grass to an excessive level brings multiple problems to your lawn. Shorter grass
exposes the plants to more sunlight, which allows weeds to thrive and compete with your grass
and leaves the rest of your grass and plants vulnerable to excessive sun. If you let your grass
grow too long to compensate, however, it leads to additional problems, such as ineffective grass
clippings and excessive watering.

Evenings Are the Best Watering Times

A common myth is that warmer times during the middle of the day can evaporate the water, so
it’s better done in the evening. All this practice really leads to is excessive moisture in the lawn,
which allows mildew, mold, and other fungi to emerge, leading to disease.

Professional Landscaping Is Unnecessary

The lack of certain skills in landscaping, such as plumbing or siding, leads to the misconception
that landscaping is easy, and any homeowner can do it. Landscaping services involve more than
just mowing a lawn or planting some shrubs. An expert can think of solutions that wouldn’t
necessarily come to a regular homeowner, and they also have access to more efficient tools. Take
advantage of the expertise to improve your lawn.

The best way to avoid several of these misconceptions about landscaping is to hire professionals
to attend to your landscaping needs. Entrusting those with experience can prevent you from
making several lawn care and landscaping mistakes.