Spruce up Your Landscaping in Medford this Summer

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It is summertime and with the change of seasons comes great ideas for the landscaping around your property.  Whether you want to create a small oasis or a place for kids to be active while you work on other things, creating a yard that fits your household is a wonderful way to feel even more comfortable in your home.

  • Create a budget for the yard and landscaping you want. You should know upfront what you must spend and prioritize the most important parts of your plan.  If you run out of money, but you have your priorities in order, you will still get the great parts of your outdoor space that you envisioned.
  • Create a sketch of the yard you want. Your vision is easier for the people that help you to see if it is drawn out.  List out all the smaller details, like types of plants or rocks, that aren’t visible on your sketch.
  • Decide on your spaces and what will go in those spaces as far as your lawn, trees, and plants are concerned.
  • Plan your walkways. Decide on what you want to use to create your walkways and how you want to install them.
  • Consider your pets. If you create a fantastic yard for yourself, do you want your pets in it or should they have a space of their own?
  • Decide on lawn care services. Once your landscaping is installed, and you have the back yard you’ve always wanted to spend time in during the summer, will you care for the lawn?  You can hire a weekly service from Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping to help with mowing, weeding, and aerating.
  • Take the time to enjoy the new outdoor space you created for yourself. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in planning and doing; we forget to enjoy the spaces we create inside and outside of our homes.
  • Invite your neighbors over for an event to show off all your hard work. Sprucing up your yard and landscaping to reflect your personality can inspire others to do the same things.