Why Is My Tree Leaning?

Trees are a valuable asset to any property, offering aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits. While most trees grow upright, it’s not uncommon to encounter a tree that leans. While some leans are natural and harmless, others may indicate underlying issues that require attention to ensure safety and tree health. Understanding the Causes of Tree Leaning […]

Are Hammocks Harmful to Trees?

In recent years, the popularity of hammocks as a relaxation tool has surged. However, with this rise in usage comes concerns about potential damage to trees, prompting some cities and institutions to impose bans on hanging hammocks in certain areas. While there is validity to the risk of harm, there are measures to mitigate any […]

A Quick Guide to Identifying Tree Pests

Trees can face various problems, and pests are among the most common. Whether you’re dealing with a suspected pest issue or simply want to learn more about tree pests, here’s a primer on some of the most prevalent ones: Aphids If you notice a clear, sticky liquid on your tree, it might be honeydew, a […]

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

The festive season is upon us, and as we gear up to transform our homes into winter wonderlands, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, especially when it comes to Christmas tree decorating. At Advanced Tree Service in Southern Oregon, we understand the joy that holiday decorations bring, and we want to ensure that your celebrations are […]

Top Tree Care Tips for Fall

Beautiful trees require proper care to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Even if your trees are mature, there are a few ways that you can protect them and keep them healthy for the next year. Fall is the best time to take precautions for your trees. Keep Trees Watered It might seem counterintuitive, but […]

Protecting New Trees From Cold Weather

If you planted new trees on your property this spring, you must be prepared to protect them during the colder months. Winter weather is particularly damaging to further growth, vulnerable to temperature changes.  Damages to Extremities of New Growth During the winter, drops in temperature, harsh wind, and sun can cause damage to bark as […]

Are Treehouses Safe For Trees

Building and playing in a treehouse is a common childhood activity many cherish. However, if you’re concerned about the health of your trees, you may be wondering: May the presence of the treehouse be causing damage to the tree, and is it possible to minimize this damage without sacrificing the fun? Risks of Building a […]

Avoiding Common Summer Landscaping Problems

Summer is a beautiful, sunny time of year, which means it’s a great time to work on your landscaping. Don’t be fooled, however; there are some landscaping problems that you’re likely to run into if you’re unprepared. Luckily, these common summer landscaping issues aren’t that hard to fix with a little work and research, and […]

Tree Planting Tips

Spring is the season of change, rebirth, and new life. If you want to celebrate by growing some new plants, why not consider planting a tree? Trees aren’t as simple to grow as flowers and crops may be. You’ll need to consider a few important factors and understand the needs of the tree you’re planning […]

Identifying Tree Pests

There are a lot of problems that can affect trees of all kinds, and pests are one of them. If you suspect your tree has a pest and want to know what you’re dealing with or simply want to understand more about tree pests in general, here’s a look at the basics about certain kinds […]