Protecting New Trees From Cold Weather

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If you planted new trees on your property this spring, you must be prepared to protect them during the colder months. Winter weather is particularly damaging to further growth, vulnerable to temperature changes. 

Damages to Extremities of New Growth

During the winter, drops in temperature, harsh wind, and sun can cause damage to bark as well as injury to branches, flower buds, and roots. Trees ‘ susceptibility to cold damage can increase when the weather becomes dry or increased high winds blow for extended periods. If heavy snow or ice storms occur, this can weigh down branches, resulting in breakage; alternatively, if there is a lack of snow but persistent cold temperatures, trees will suffer from the lack of insulation that a snow cover provides. 

Potential Root Damage

Roots stay more active for more extended periods during cold months, unlike tree extremities such as branches and buds. Contrary to popular belief, tree and shrub root systems are not particularly hardy and can die at temperatures at or below 0 and even up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Luckily, soil holds more moisture and warmth than air. When snow covers soil and mulch is spread to protect root systems, this can insulate and prevent root death. However, newly planted trees and shrubs are vulnerable to cracks in the planting hole. This enables freezing air to enter the root zone, stalling fall root growth and eventually killing the new roots. 

Keep Your New Growth Alive

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect and nourish your new growth throughout the colder seasons. Covering vulnerable ground areas with a protective layer of mulch, watering regularly before freezing temperatures occur, and filling any visible cracks with soil are excellent measures. White commercial tree wrap can protect the trunk from wind, sun, and cold temperatures. 

We Can Help

Our Advanced Tree and Landscape crew can work to ensure your trees and shrubs are adequately protected all fall and winter. Your vision for a beautiful landscape with healthy foliage will remain intact once spring arrives, so call us today to inquire about care for your growth during the cold season.