Top Tree Care Tips for Fall

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Beautiful trees require proper care to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Even if your trees are mature, there are a few ways that you can protect them and keep them healthy for the next year. Fall is the best time to take precautions for your trees.

Keep Trees Watered

It might seem counterintuitive, but even in the fall and winter, trees need to be hydrated. During the fall, you should ensure your trees get water if you’re not experiencing a normal amount of rain.

During the winter, trees should be hydrated, too, but it’s crucial that you’re not watering trees if the ground is already frozen. This can be incredibly dangerous for trees and may cause damage that could kill them.

Don’t Forget About Mulch

You might not realize it, but mulch is for more than just aesthetics. Sure, it can look pretty and make your trees stand out, but mulch can also provide an important protective barrier, particularly for younger trees. Providing the tree with high-quality mulch helps to give the tree extra nutrients and also protects it from the cold.

Be Sure to Prune

Pruning your trees is essential for their health. When all the leaves fall off the trees, it’s much easier to see the tree’s structure, making it easier to determine which branches need to go. Trees go dormant in the winter and fall, so fall is a perfect time to prune. You’re not doing any damage; instead, you’re removing unnecessary branches from the tree so it can put effort into other areas.

Call the Experts

If you’re not sure exactly what to do, call the experts. Here at Advanced Tree Service, we’re certified arborists and know how to care for your trees. Schedule your tree services today.