Top Tree Care Tips for Fall

Beautiful trees require proper care to keep them healthy and looking beautiful. Even if your trees are mature, there are a few ways that you can protect them and keep them healthy for the next year. Fall is the best time to take precautions for your trees. Keep Trees Watered It might seem counterintuitive, but […]

Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump Immediately

You may have had a dead tree cut down to prevent problems with your lawn or house, but the stump remains — and tree stumps can become a safety hazard. Also, tree stumps aren’t usually visually appealing, so that they can diminish your curb appeal. Below are some of the most vital reasons to remove […]

Four Flowers to Plant in Your Yard to Attract Honeybees

Wanting to have more of an impact on nature just by planting flowers in your garden? Attract honeybees to your garden by planting flowers that attract pollinators to your yard. Putting your flowers in a sunny spot will also improve your chances of charming honeybees. The following are four flowers to plant in your yard […]

Preventing Snow Mold

We want our lawn to look great year-round. A part of this depends on the work put in during the warmer seasons of spring and summer to ensure your lawn stays healthy in the fall and winter months. One winter concern you want to be mindful of is snow mold. Snow mold is more apparent […]

3 Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump From Your Property

If you have recently removed a dead, diseased, or otherwise unwanted tree from your property, your project is not truly complete until the stumps have been removed as well. Leaving tree stumps behind not only turns your landscape into an unsightly mess, but it can also result in several serious issues that impact the integrity […]

How to Spot a Hazardous Tree

Oregon homeowners love the beauty and shade that trees provide for our outdoor spaces. Those same trees can pose a danger to our homes and our family. That is why it is important to identify trees that present a risk before they actually cause property damage or physical harm. The following signs indicate a potentially […]

4 Tips for Summer Tree Care

As an Oregon homeowner, you take pride in your landscape and spend the time needed to keep your lawn and flowerbeds healthy and well maintained. Properly caring for the trees on your property is just as important. Spending time during the summer to care for your trees will ensure that they remain happy and healthy. […]

How Last Fall’s Leaves Can Bring Springtime Disaster

As we head into the spring months, many people begin to realize the consequences of their fall yard cleanup or, for many, their lack of fall yard cleanup. With the hectic and abnormal year we’ve had, many homeowners neglected fall yard work to focus on their children’s’ distance learning, grocery deliveries, or simply getting through […]

Landscaping Chores to Keep up With Over the Winter

Even though your beautiful flower beds are finished for the season, there are still many ways you can keep busy with landscaping tasks over the winter months. When you stay involved in taking care of your yard throughout the year, it is easier to transition into spring planting and care when warmer weather arrives. You […]