3 Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump From Your Property

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If you have recently removed a dead, diseased, or otherwise unwanted tree from your property, your project is not truly complete until the stumps have been removed as well. Leaving tree stumps behind not only turns your landscape into an unsightly mess, but it can also result in several serious issues that impact the integrity of your property and the well-being of your loved ones. Learn more about why stump removal is important below, then contact Advanced Tree and Landscape to learn more about our stump grinding services. 

1. Prevent Continued Growth

Simply cutting down a tree is not sufficient for preventing the continued growth of the tree, and failure to fully remove the stump allows it to steal nutrients from the surrounding soil that should be used to support your lawn and other plant life. Grass is especially vulnerable to this problem, often dying due to lack of water and leaving unsightly brown spots. Attempts to hydrate the grass or other plant life will only direct more water to the stump to encourage new growth. The underlying root system will keep growing as well, which can destroy your yard, undermine the foundation of your home, and encroach into your sewer lines.  

2. Avoid Injury

One of the most important reasons for stump removal is to protect your family members, friends, and visitors to your home from sustaining serious injuries. Anyone who spends time in your yard can trip over the stump or its roots, especially at night, and children running and playing in the area are particularly prone to not paying attention to the ground beneath them and becoming hurt after a fall. Soil around the stump may settle over time, and these depressions can also cause trips and falls that result in injuries. Additionally, stumps create an obstacle to landscape maintenance, and a mower that hits a stump can bend the blade, crankshaft, or mower deck, break the spindles, or cause other costly damage. With severe damage, the blade can even fly off, a significant hazard for anyone nearby along with the person operating the mower.

3. Deter Pests

As they decay, tree stumps create a perfect environment for insects, rodents, and other pests to nest and reproduce. Termites are especially attracted to stumps and can make their way into your home when their population has grown too large to be contained by the stump. These insects are incredibly destructive, so removing stumps close to the foundation of your home is crucial for avoiding an infestation. Carpenter ants, spider mites, bees, wasps, silk moths, and several types of wood-boring beetles can also take up residence in a rotting stump, as can mice, rats, racoons, weasels, and other disease-carrying vermin.

If your property contains dangerous tree stumps, Advanced Tree and Landscape offers comprehensive stump grinding services to effectively remove these hazards. Our trained technicians use specialized, industrial-grade equipment to completely extract the stump and the root system beneath to prevent new growth from resprouting in the future. Contact us today to restore the health, safety, and appearance of your landscape.