Landscaping Chores to Keep up With Over the Winter

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Even though your beautiful flower beds are finished for the season, there are still many ways you can keep busy with landscaping tasks over the winter months. When you stay involved in taking care of your yard throughout the year, it is easier to transition into spring planting and care when warmer weather arrives. You will also find that you are more motivated to get to work in the spring when you have kept up with chores over the winter. Here are a few great winter task list ideas.

  • Repair and clean garden tools. Keep your tools in great shape by removing all dirt and debris over the winter. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove rust, and then wipe the metal elements with mineral oil to preserve them. You can also sand, paint, and repair wooden parts of your tools. Handles hold up well when wiped with a coat of linseed oil over the winter months. If you are sharpening any of your tools, remember to file away from yourself.
  • Mulching. You have probably done your seasonal mulching in the fall, but as it gets colder, it is important to periodically fluff the mulch with an iron rake to ensure proper airflow. Pay special attention to areas where the mulch seems to be compacted.
  • Take care of trees and shrubs. Winter is not the proper time to prune, but it is a great time to remove dead branches. You may also want to add a beautiful evergreen that you can enjoy over the winter. Be sure to adhere to proper planting times, however, as you may not be able to plant new items if it is too far into the season.

If you need help with your winter landscaping chores, reach out to Advanced Tree and Landscaping at (541) 621-9460.