Beware These Dangerous Tree Signs

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Old and diseased trees often give warning signs before they collapse. If you know what to look for, you can contact a professional tree service long before a tree becomes a serious threat to your home, fencing, and other property structures. Here are some of the most common warning signs of potentially dangerous trees in Medford, Oregon:


  1. A rotted cavity in the trunk. Many trees have trunk holes and stand tall for years, while others develop rot and stand precariously until wind or decomposition cause collapse. If a large tree on your property features a decaying hole in the trunk, reach out to our team for a professional evaluation.


  1. Falling branches. Excessive amounts of lifeless and falling branches indicate the failing health of a tree. The branches themselves and the tree may pose a risk to property owners. Sometimes, tree trimming can preserve the life of the tree. Other times, the entire tree may pose too great a risk to keep.


  1. A severe lean. Tall trees that lean too far in one direction are vulnerable to the elements. A strong wind could rip through already damaged roots and cause the entire tree to topple, leaving a gaping hole in the ground and the roots of the tree exposed.


  1. Large colonies of fungi on and around the tree. Fungi in the roots and around the tree indicate a certain level of decomposition. If the tree is too vulnerable, we may suggest cutting the tree for the health of your yard.


  1. Split trunks. The split in any tree represents a weak point. For many split-trunk trees, we can use cables to stabilize the structure and reduce the likelihood of an untimely fall.


Common signs of dangerous trees are not definitive. The untrained eye will often erroneously jump to conclusions about the health of a tree. To accurately diagnose tree health, call the professionals at Advanced Tree & Landscaping at 541-621-9460. We can help you determine and implement the right solution for potentially dangerous trees.