Winter’s Coming! Some Landscaping Tips For Landscaping Plants!

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Like lawns, your landscaping plants need to be prepared for the winter to ensure a vigorous return in the spring. Also like lawns, plants don’t die during the winter months, they simply go dormant. There are so many different kinds of landscaping plants, however, that it’s important to consult with a local nursery to determine what you have and what each different species needs. An easier approach is to have a full maintenance landscaping company like Advanced Tree Service come in to care for your yard on a regular basis. The basics of winter preparation are:
• Fertilize and feed your plants before the first snow; plants need food to feed on throughout the winter. Fertilizer will help the roots grow stronger for the following season.
• Placing mulch around your plant beds and landscaped areas will protect plants against the cold and help them retain moisture. Sometimes using the leaves collected from your lawn works well, but it’s best to shred them first. Bark is another popular mulch, particularly around trees and larger bushes.