Why You Need Professional Tree Pruning for Your Medford, Oregon, Property

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The best time to have your trees pruned is after the coldest period of winter, making now the best time to schedule a pruning for the trees on your property in Medford, Oregon. If you are a homeowner who has been thinking about getting your trees prepped for the spring, consider the following information about the circumstances that make pruning a necessity, the benefits of these procedures, and why hiring landscaping professionals is the best way to ensure the trees on your property get the care they need to remain tall and strong.

Situations That Necessitate Pruning

When branches start to droop and slide closer to ground level, they may begin to scratch vehicles, the sides of a building, or threaten pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. Dropping branches can also block your view and create a wide range of issues in your backyard. Worst of all, weak branches are less durable and more likely to break under different weather conditions such as rainfall and high winds, which can inflict harm on your property and permanently damage the tree itself.

The Benefits of Spring Pruning

Pruning feeble, lower tree branches not only enhances the appearance of your trees and the safety of its surroundings, but it also supports the overall health of trees by decreasing the chances of weather conditions causing damage or disease that results in the complete destruction of the tree.

Importance of Pruning Professionals

While sawing and clearing dead branches yourself can help prevent damage to your house or someone on a sidewalk, you could seriously damage your tree in the process. Working higher up a tree to clear a dangerous limb also puts your own limbs in more danger; falling out of a tree could easily break any number of bones … or worse.

Because all trees are different, is it vital to know what the best pruning strategy is for the specific types of trees on your property well before attempting to prune them. An expert landscaper understands how and when to prune particular trees, and how much to prune without causing unnecessary harm to the tree as a whole. Having a professional execute these services is instrumental in securing the long-term health of your trees and your property.