Why Winter Tree Maintenance Is Vital

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Without greenery and excessive foliage, it’s easy to ignore the trees in your yard. The leaves aren’t blocking the sun or hanging down, your neighbor isn’t frustrated about your tree sap in his space, and summer storm bolts don’t threaten to strike your mighty Oak. It’s normal to stop thinking about landscaping once the snow falls. This forgetfulness, though normal, is incredibly dangerous. Even without thunderstorms or leaves, trees pose a threat to their surrounding areas in the wintertime.

Oregon Homeowners Must Care for Trees During All Seasons

When snow falls, especially the dense and wet kind that so frequently falls in Oregon, it adds a significant amount of weight to a tree’s branch. For all trees, but especially if a tree is large, old, or has seen significant damage, this extra weight can cause a myriad of problems. The most obvious of these issues is the potential for a branch to break and fall.

This is especially likely in the winter, as the cold weather can make the tree’s fibers brittle and more likely to break. If the tree is near a home or garage structure, a fallen limb could mean thousands of dollars in repairs. Without foliage, it’s harder to tell if a branch is dead and extra likely to fall, so accidents like these cannot always be foreseen by a homeowner.

Even evergreen trees can be a liability. Though these types of plants are better suited for the extra weight of winter snow, there is still the possibility of breakage and damage to the tree and to your property. Coniferous evergreens such as Pine and Spruce can hold more weight than broadleaf evergreens like Magnolia and Silverleaf Oak.

Call Professional Tree Experts for Help

To avoid killing or damaging your trees, it’s best to have a professional trim and maintain your trees and bushes at the beginning of the winter. With repetitive snowfall, the weight can cause irreparable damage over the winter. The experts at Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping are ready to help. Call us at 541-621-9460.