When Is the Best Time To Seed A New Lawn

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Your lawn impacts the overall appearance of your home. From the curb, it may be the first thing people notice when driving by. If you have people over, especially in the summer, your friends and family will have a firsthand experience of your lawn and how you maintain it. Your lawn is impacted by the weather, the amount of sun it gets, your plants and trees, and your own family—both animals and kids. Your lawn can take a beating, and it is important to ensure that you properly time your lawn care to take full advantage of the perks of the different seasons.

When Should I Seed My Lawn?

Depending on the health and lifespan of your lawn, you may need to consider starting back at step one. If your yard has been infiltrated with patches of dirt, you may have to start the process of seeding your lawn to grow new, healthy grass. Timing can be everything when it comes to your grass. If you need to seed a new lawn, the best time to get one is mid-August to mid-September. These months are ideal because the days are warm, and the nights are cool. This is a perfect time because by the time the seed germinates, it can become established during the cooler months of fall. This is also great because it will require less watering compared to trying to start your lawn in the peak of the summer months.

Need Help?

Proper lawn maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult. Everyone deserves a nice, luscious lawn. If you are unsure of the proper time or steps to seeding a new lawn, it is best to turn to an experienced professional. The next time you need to seed a new lawn, our team at Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping is happy to help.