When Is the Best Time of Year to Plant New Trees

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Are you interested in planting new trees around your home? While it’s important to select the right locations for new trees, the timing of your planting is even more important if you want to encourage healthy, stable growth over the years. It can take several years for a new tree to establish itself, but it can be incredibly rewarding to plant a tree and watch its progress over the next several years you spend in your home. Planting it at the right time of year will help ensure it gets off to a great start.

Spring or Fall?

Most people believe that spring and fall are equally good times of the year to plant new trees. This is likely due to the fact that landscapers planting new trees are common sights throughout most of the country during the spring and fall months, but it’s important to narrow down your timing a bit more.

Planting in Spring

Planting your new tree in the springtime can be a great way to get it established by the time winter weather strikes. The Medford area tends to have mild weather throughout the year. Winter is hardly ever as cold as many other northern states, and summers lean toward the milder side as well. This is good news for any Medford area homeowner that wants to plant new trees this year.

Typically, planting in the spring means a better chance of your tree taking root before the winter frost arrives, but you run the risk of a very hot summer drying out and killing the young tree before this can happen.

Planting in Fall

Choosing the fall as your tree planting season comes with the advantage of avoiding hot summer weather. The fall months are a great time to plant evergreens and trees that don’t take very long to establish, such as maple trees. Since Oregon tends to have milder winters, the fall can also be a good time to plant fruit trees.

Ultimately, it can be difficult to predict what the weather will be like months from now and having some professional help with your new tree planting can be a great asset if you want your new trees to be as healthy as possible. Advanced Tree and Landscape is here to help, so contact us today for more details about new tree planting in Medford.