Vegetables That Still Thrive in the Winter Months

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Medford, Oregon is a great place to try gardening year-round.  Consider planting vegetables that you can cover and have the ability to weather colder temperatures. 

Vegetables for Winter Harvest

There are many types of plants that will grow well in Southern Oregon during the winter.  Consider carrots, beets, onions, parsnips, rutabaga, and turnips for a winter harvest.  Broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbages, and kale are also plants that will keep growing well into winter.  When you plant these crops, consider a space that is easy to get to during the wetter winter months.

How to Keep Your Vegetables from Freezing

Once the coldest weather starts in Medford, it is necessary to protect your plants from freezing.  There are many ways to protect plants from freezing, and the best way usually depends on your specific garden.

  1. Use cold frames or hotbeds.  You can build these yourself, and they will allow your plants protection and the opportunity to keep growing despite the freezing nights and colder days.
  2. Many people use plastic jugs to protect plants from freezing. Plastic jugs and glass coverings help harness the heat from the sun so that the cold temperatures don’t hurt the vegetables.
  3. Use a greenhouse if you want to protect your plants and allow them a better opportunity to grow all year. 

Tips for Your Winter Garden

  • Snails and slugs are attracted to wet conditions around your plants.  Good drainage and ventilation will help you control the pests in your garden. 
  • Over-fertilizing can damage a garden that needs to keep growing in the later months of the year.  Too much fertilizer can make a garden more susceptible to freezing because of the increased nitrogen. 
  • Space your plants far enough apart so that they have good air circulation.  Spacing them enough helps combat rot.
  • Be sure to plan for storms that might hurt your plants. Cover them or move them to a greenhouse to make sure they can still grow as long as possible!

Advanced Tree and Landscape can help you plan for months of healthy vegetables and trees!  Contact us for assistance with your winter landscaping projects.