When Should You Have a Tree Removed from Your Property?

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Trees provide numerous benefits to a residential property, acting as an additional outdoor decoration, providing additional shade to the lawn or backyard, or even as places to hang hammocks and swings. However, as good as these may sound, you will find that there are certain instances when trees need to be cut and removed from your property, especially when they pose a danger to you and your property’s welfare.

Falling or Dying Trees

Trees can grow and last for hundreds of years, but this does not mean that they are always healthy and sound. Some trees due to exposure to harsh weather conditions can die and start to rot. When this happens, they become structurally weak and are prone to falling over especially when a strong wind or storm hits your area. They can fall onto your house and damage your property, or worse they can fall over the lawn or the sidewalk and harm the people there.

Insect Infestation

21653975_sTree trunks are inviting abodes for many insects like bees. Some insects will choose to build nests on tree branches, but others bore holes in the trunks and create big and wide cavities there, which then make it weaker and prone to falling down. You can always call an exterminator to get rid of the insects, but then others will just come and live there, so it may be better to have the tree removed if it houses pests and insects and the trunk looks too weak to hold the tree’s canopy.

Electrical Wires

If a tree starts to branch out and touch the electrical wires outside your home, then you may want to consider having them removed. Pruning is also an option, but then they will just grow back and the whole problem presents itself again. A tree over electrical wirings and lines can be very dangerous, as they can cause the wires to snap and put people at the risk of electrocution.

As much as possible, you shouldn’t have a tree removed from your property, but when it poses risks and endangers the life and well-being of the property and the people living in it, it is something that cannot be avoided. Be sure to study and consult a professional if you are planning to have a tree removed from your property. They should be able to properly assess your situation and tell you if it is indeed necessary to have it removed.