Top Perennials for Your Summer Garden

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Summer can be an excellent time to plant a garden, but keeping your flowers happy can be quite a challenge. Oregon homeowners are well aware that the fickle weather in the Pacific Northwest can make it particularly difficult to maintain nice landscaping, especially with a busy lifestyle.

Luckily, there are certain flowers beloved by gardeners throughout the state for their ability to grow healthy and beautiful in this unique climate with little maintenance. Perennials are typically the easiest to care for and allow you to enjoy them year after year.

Favorite Perennials of Oregon Gardeners 

The best perennials to grow in your Oregon garden this summer include:

  1. Eriophyllum: Oregon Sunshine—Oregon Sunshine features bright yellow flowers and grayish foliage and can grow up to two feet tall. This plant is exceptionally hardy and can withstand various conditions, but careful watering is necessary to avoid standing water from accumulating. 
  2. Sidalcea: Checker Mallow—Checker Mallow comes in many varieties with striking flowers ranging from white to rosy pink and purple. Some varieties prefer sunnier conditions and others that withstand colder temperatures. These plants are relatively fast-growing and can reach heights of 4.5 feet tall. 
  3. Aquilegia flavescens: Yellow Columbine—Yellow Columbine grows pale-yellow flowers on long stems with yellow or pale pink sepals in the center of each blossom, and there are tiny hairs along the entire flowering structure. It thrives in well-drained soil, grows to 2.5 feet tall, and produces many seeds.
  4. Asclepias speciosa: Showy Milkweed—Showy Milkweed produces loose, spherical clusters of fragrant pink-purple flowers that look like tiny crowns and leaves that turn golden in the fall. It is incredibly drought-resistant, can reach 4 feet tall during the summer, and serves as the prime spot for monarch butterflies to lay their eggs.

Perfect Your Summer Garden 

Even the most beautiful flowers will only bloom their brightest under the right conditions. Advanced Tree and Landscape can help keep your property in the best condition so you can enjoy the perfect space for planting. We offer a wide range of professional tree and landscaping services, from mulching and fertilizing to trimming dead limbs and removing stumps. Contact us today to learn how our experts can help you maintain a gorgeous garden this summer.