Tips For Protecting Your Trees This Summer

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36235050_sThe summer season is upon us and homeowners across the Country are planning vacations and road trips. However, the summer heat can be harsh on your landscaping and it is important to be mindful of keeping your trees protected during the summer months.

Here are some tips for keeping your trees preserved and protected:

Prevent soil compaction. When the soil around your trees becomes compacted the proper nutrients and water are unable to flow through the soil to the roots of the tree. This causes the tree to be malnourished and weak, making it more vulnerable to insects and diseases. This is common if there has been construction to your home and heavy equipment was parked on the soil. This also occurs with time due to foot traffic. To prevent this, aerate the soil around your trees using a spade or other tool to allow the soil to shift and break up.

Keep tree roots protected. Summer time is a popular time of year for home construction and remodel. However, the extra foot traffic, lumber stacks, and piles of debris can be damaging to the root systems of your trees because of the pressure they cause from above. This extra weight on the earth can cause the soil to compress around the tree roots and prevent them from being able to move around and source water and nutrients. Talk with your landscaper about how to protect your trees’ root systems if you are planning any construction this summer.

Cover your plants and bushes. The summer season is a good time to clean out gutters from the spring debris and clean off your roof. However, having all of that debris falling onto your bushes can be damaging to their leaves and can add debris to their soil bed. Instead, cover your bushes and plants using a tarp or plastic paint sheeting so that when you are cleaning your gutters or cleaning off your roof so that when the debris falls, it is caught and doesn’t damage any of your bushes.

While summer time is perfect for getting some rest and relaxation and for spending time with family, it is also a favorite time of year for doing projects around the home. Make sure that your landscaping is protected if you are planning any home projects.