Three Common Winter Damages to Your Lawn

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When you care about your lawn, you want to be sure it’s taken care of during all seasons. Maintaining and ensuring its upkeep this winter is an important step in creating a healthy lawn come springtime. Here are three common ways damage can occur and impact the aesthetics of your lawn and the landscape around it. 

Salt Damage

Salt is used to keep the roads safe, but grass and plants subjected to a lot of salt run-off can experience roots and dirt that are too dry. Though the plants’ roots can recover from salt damage, this isn’t always the case. Damage to the soil can affect plants and their growth into the summer. Salt can also lead to discoloration on certain landscaping features. 

By covering your grass and landscaping with something temporary or creating a border on the edge of your lawn, you can keep salt off your landscaping. You can also find an alternative way to melt ice, such as sand, coffee grounds, or vinegar.

Debris and Mess

Cleaning your lawn this winter benefits both the visual appeal and the health of your grass. The added weight of leaves or tree branches can cause long-term damage to your lawn. Frozen blades of grass can be suffocated or broken under the weight, leading to bald spots in the lawn.

Damage From Grass Blades Breaking

During these cold months, walking on your lawn can cause the frozen grass to break. Though staying off your lawn completely isn’t always possible, once you’re done cleaning up debris, try to stay off the grass to prevent permanent damage from the blades of grass breaking.

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As a home or business owner, your property must be kept safe and beautiful this winter. If you want to ensure your lawn and landscape are professionally cared for in every season, contact Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping today.