Things You should Look Out for before Doing Your Landscaping

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13187235_sEverybody loves the look of a well-tended lawn or garden, especially if it blends well with your home’s architecture. This is why so many homeowners (as well as establishment owners) seek the services of professional landscaping company. However, there are some things that you should be aware of before any work commences.

Planning is Crucial
The lack of a clear plan about the design of your landscape can result in wasted time and money, and so you should spend some time carefully planning out the all possible factors that will go into the landscaping project including the plants to be used and so on. You should study the area to be landscaped and at least make a sketch of how you want it to look like after the work has been done. If you’re having trouble with the planning phase, a good landscaping services company should be able to help you out by providing you with their portfolio so you can see some of the projects they’ve completed in the past. If they won’t show you their portfolio, consider contacting another landscaping company.

Building Codes
You also need to learn about the different building codes that are implemented in your community. In some places, putting up certain structures, like gazebos or any free standing accessory structure, require building permits. If your landscaping project will require the use of machineries like jackhammers (in cases where you want to tear up your concrete backyard and turn it into a grassy haven), be sure to talk to the homeowners association and make sure that you are not violating any of their regulations. If you neglect to do these, you may find the authorities in your doorstep with a hold order asking you to stop your landscaping endeavors.

Utility Lines
Another thing you need to look out for are the pipes and lines from different utility companies in your area. These include electricity lines, water pipes, gas lines, telephone lines are others. You should ask the utility company to help you identify where exactly in your lawn or backyard these things are, or else you may end up hitting one of them as you and your landscapers work. Damaging any of these pipes and lines will result in several problems, from a drenched and flooded lawn to an exploding gas pipe.

Starting a landscaping project is not always especially when you think about the many things to consider before starting one. If you find this endeavor to be quite stressful, you may want to consider hiring a professional landscaping company.