The Best Trees to Keep on Your Property in Medford

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Trees are as beautiful as they are functional in the Medford, Oregon area. If you are thinking about adding trees to your property’s landscape, there are a few varieties that offer unique benefits you should consider before planting. The team at Advanced Tree and Landscape is here to provide helpful tips and advice for getting the most out of your home’s landscape, and we have a few trees we’d like to suggest for your Medford home.

Japanese Maple Trees

These trees display rich burgundy leaves and develop exceptionally beautiful fall colors. They can grow between ten and 25 feet depending on how well you take care of them, and they are particularly well-suited to Oregon’s variable climate. They’re easy to maintain and perfect for shading the front or back of your home.

Pacific Dogwood Trees

This tree variety is native to Oregon, displaying beautiful green foliage in the warmer months before turning brilliant red in the autumn. These trees are also customizable thanks to their ability to grow into multi-trunk formations.

Flowering Crabapple Trees

These trees won’t grow more than 20 feet, and, during the spring, you’ll be able to enjoy at least a month of brightly colored pink and purple blossoms. During the fall, the flowering crabapple tree will turn bright red, and their fruit will attract wildlife.

Whitebeam Trees

These trees could become a stunning addition to your landscape. They’ll bloom in the early spring with brilliant silver color that changes to green with delicate white flowers during the summer months, and then incredible shades of gold and orange in the fall with little red berries that can feed the squirrels and birds around your home.

These are just a few of our top suggestions for beautiful trees to maintain on your property. Choosing the right trees can have a dramatic impact on the overall comfort level and curb appeal of your home. Contact Advanced Tree and Landscape in Medford if you need professional assistance planting or maintaining the trees on your property.