Summertime Tree Care Tips

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27776025_sThe trees on your property not only provide much needed clean air year around, but they also provide shade during the summer months, which can make the difference between spending time outdoors and not. The hot weather can be harsh on your trees and it is important to care for the properly to protect and keep them. Here are some summer tree tips for you to follow this season:

For those trees that have been planted in the last three years, make sure to use slow-release watering bags or include them on your timed irrigation system. This ensures that they are properly and thoroughly watered throughout the day, no matter how hot the weather gets.

Look for signs of dehydration like yellowing leaves and leaves that are curling up on the ends. These are signs that you need to water your tree more often or for longer each watering session.

Water your trees during the early morning and late evening hours. These are the times of day when the weather is coolest and your trees will have a chance to make the most of the water that you’ve given them before it evaporates in the heat.

Add mulch in a donut shape around the base of your trees. Make sure to leave a space between the base of your tree and the inside circle of the mulch. Laying the mulch without this space can lead to the tree being deprived of water, air, and vital nutrients that will help it to grow.

Protect the base of your trees from weed whackers and lawn mowers. These pieces of equipment can easily cause severe damage to a tree’s circulatory system, which can lead to lasting problems with the tree.

Make sure to plant the trees that are appropriate for your area and native weather systems. Planting trees that only grow in areas with weather that is not typical for your city will only set you up for disappointment when the trees don’t grow.

Keeping the trees on your property healthy during the summer time is an important step to preventing problems during the winter. If you have a tree that is sick or fragile and the winter brings a storm with heavy winds, you could be looking at significant damage to your from a fallen branch. Follow these simple tree care tips this summer to keep your trees healthy.